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PM chairs meeting to review the progress of Pakistan Single Window Company Transitioning  | 'PSW Training Partnership Program on Revenue Sharing Basis' – PSW is looking for training partners; join us! 

What is Pakistan Single Window?

PSW is an Integrated Digital Platform that allows parties involved in trade to lodge standardized information and documents with a single-entry point to fulfill all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements. It aims at reducing the time and cost of doing business by digitalizing Pakistan’s cross-border trade and eliminating paper-based manual processes.

What do we do?

Integration of Commercial Banks

Bringing all Pakistani Commercial Banks onto a single digital platform to allow traders to perform all financial transactions with one click.

Integration of Customs & OGAs

Integrating all Customs and Other Government Agencies (OGAs) procedures on a single digital platform to minimize the need for physical visits.

E-Trade/Online Processing of LPCOs

Electronic, paperless processing of licenses, permits, certificates, release orders and other documents to save time and lower cost of doing business.

Tradeverse - Trade Information Portal of Pakistan (TIPP)

The Tradeverse provides a single access point for all information related to imports, exports, and transit.

Single Declaration

Allowing the electronic submission of information for the clearance of import, export, and transit-related goods, Single Declaration eliminates the need for multiple submissions of the same data to different agencies.

Customer Support Centres

Offering 24/7 assistance to traders via phone, email, and our official social media platforms.








Processed LPCOs


Meet some of our users and see how the PSW system has brought efficiency to their trade business.