PSW Subscription


PSW offers a ‘Subscription’ feature to either obtain a PSW subscription or to register with Customs to undertake cross-border trade-related activities. During the subscription process, the particulars of subscribers are electronically captured and verified from the database of relevant departments in line with the KYC (Know Your Customer) principle. After the completion of the subscription process, the particulars of subscribers are made available to different trade regulators integrated with the PSW platform. PSW saves traders and system users from submitting the information physically or electronically to different public sector entities regulating international trade and transit in Pakistan.

Benefits Of Subscribing to the PSW System

PSW subscription offers many benefits to the traders such as:

No Paperwork

The subscriber no longer has to submit paper documents that were previously being submitted to obtain registration with Customs for performing cross-border trade.

No Overhead Charges

The subscribers are required to pay only Rs. 500/- as a subscription fee eliminating all overheads previously needed for manual preparation and processing of registration files.

Reduced Processing Time

The average processing time of acquiring a User ID (UID) is reduced from days to a few minutes.

Value-Added Benefits

After acquiring PSW Subscription, the subscribers can avail themselves of several value-added benefits including single declaration, EIF/EFE elimination, auto-routing of regulatory requirements, etc.

What is Pakistan Single Window?

Start the subscription process by going to using your internet browser. Click on Subscribe button.

For authentication, please provide the following: CNIC, NTN, SECP No. (in case of a company), Mobile Phone No. and your Email.

Deposit a one-time non-refundable subscription fee through Payment Slip ID (PSID).

Verify your Mobile Number & Email Address using One Time Password (OTP).

Visit your nearest NADRA e-Sahulat franchise for biometric verification.

Create your own ID/password with the link sent to your email.


Subscription is the first step that authorizes users to get access to the PSW platform to avail cross-border trade and transit related services. This includes registration with Customs for clearance and Other Government Authorities (OGAs) for issuance of regulatory licenses, permits, certificates and other documents as well as electronic payments.

Yes. The Government of Pakistan passed the Pakistan Single Window Act, 2021. The Revenue Division notified Subscription Rules for Pakistan Single Window under powers conferred by sub-section (2) of section 21 read with sub-section (1) of section 10 of the Pakistan Single Window Act, 2021.

Yes, the process for Subscription to the PSW is paperless from beginning to end. All relevant validations are performed electronically by PSW on backend.

The subscriber shall provide the following particulars through the electronic interface of PSW:

  • National Tax Number (NTN)/Free Tax Number (FTN)/ Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN).
  • In case of a company Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)’s Registration Number or Computer-Generated Unique Identification Number (CUIN).
  • Subscriber identification module (SIM) card number, also known as International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) number, registered in the name of the subscriber.
  • CNIC number and biometric verification from the National Database and Registration Authority’s e-Sahulat Centers.
  • Email address of the subscriber as appearing in IRIS.
  • Any other identity documents may be used in case of diplomats, companies registered in foreign jurisdictions etc.

Subscription to PSW comprises of the following steps:

  • Click the “Subscribe” button on the PSW Home page. Read, understand and accept the Terms and Conditions. Select check box and click on proceed button.
  • Provide identification information: NTN/CNIC/ Mobile Phone No./Email.
  • Email associated with NTN is required to be active for verification through one time password (OTP) and forwarding Login Credentials.
  • Mobile number registered with selected CNIC will be verified through Pakistan Mobile Number Portability Database (PMD) and required for two factor authentication.
  • Subscriber shall deposit non-refundable subscription fee, through system generated Payment Slip ID (PSID).
  • Authentication and verification shall be performed on mobile phone number and Email through OTP (One Time Password).
  • Biometric verification of subscriber is final step to complete subscription. Visit your nearest NADRA e Sahulat franchise for biometric verification.
  • After successful biometric verification a link to create ID/password shall be sent on registered email.

The subscriber will have to get the email updated against the registered NTN in FBR.

PSW Subscription fee is Rs. 500/=. The Subscriber shall deposit the one time, non-refundable subscription fee through system generated Payment Slip ID (PSID).

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enables secure verification of the Subscriber’s Identity. 2FA works by adding an additional layer of security to online accounts, An OTP (One Time Password) is sent to the registered Mobile Phone No. and Email for confirmation.

After Biometric verification, the subscriber shall receive an auto-generated email from PSW with a link to create their ID/password.

The subscriber may resume the subscription process through application ID. Application ID is generated and sent in an email after payment of Subscription fee.

Only the Subscriber can perform biometric verification for subscription application. The Individual holding the CNIC from NTN selected for the purpose of subscription shall perform biometric verification by visiting nearest NADRA E-Sahulat center.

The Subscriber will visit e-sahulat center with biometric facility with the following:

  • CNIC
  • Application ID (generated and provided by PSW system during subscription)
  • Mobile phone number on Bioverisys verification.

Registration is enrolment/authorization of business, premises, products and profiles of traders with Customs and OGAs (other government organizations) to initiate import, exports and/or cross border transit transactions.

After subscription at PSW, Trader/Customs Agent shall associate/register their profiles with Customs Management System as traders or customs agents.

No. A PSW subscriber will be able to use WeBOC functionality after role association with the Customs Management System.

Yes. Traders will have the provision to authorize customs agents in PSW.

Yes, access to OGA systems shall be through PSW portal for cross border trade related activities i.e. issuance of License, Permit, certificate and others (LPCO). If OGAs require registration for issuance of LPCO, the process will be covered in separated OGA module in PSW.

The Subscriber will assume responsibility for any unauthorized use of their CNIC, NTN, bank account numbers, SIM card numbers, biometric verifications or any other particulars required by the PSW or its allied components for subscription, role association and further use of the system. The Subscriber is responsible for:

  • Authenticity of the information provided.
  • Confidentiality and security of their UID and password. The subscriber will ensure that the UID or Child UID is not used for unauthorized purposes in the PSW system and its allied components, or for carrying any activity prohibited under the applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Authorized use of the data shared or retrieved from the PSW.
  • Using the system ethically and not acting, either directly or in connivance with any other person, in such a manner as to compromise the security of PSW’s digital systems or its data

  • The Subscriber will read, accept and abide by the Terms and Conditions for Access to PSW Systems. (T&Cs can be found here:
  • The Subscriber is fully responsible for all activities that occur in the PSW under the password(s) provided to it by PSW.
  • The Subscriber will ensure that their password(s) are kept confidential, treated in a secure manner and will immediately notify PSW System of any breach of security with respect to such password(s) or to the use of the PSW.
  • The Subscriber will not allow any third party to access PSW systems utilizing their password. The Subscriber will not assign, sub-let or otherwise transfer any rights or obligations to any other person.
  • The subscriber will ensure that correct information is provided at the time of subscription. Any false, misleading, incorrect or fraudulent information provided by the Subscriber will lead to suitable legal action.

The subscriber’s right to use the PSW will automatically cease in the event of a material breach by the Subscriber of any of its obligations under the Terms and Conditions or of the law, rules and regulations etc., or deactivation of the unique subscriber identifier. In such case, the subscriber will not be eligible to perform any cross-border trade related activity through PSW.

The UID of the subscriber will remain valid and active for a period of two years. If circumstances arise that necessitate the deactivation of a subscriber UID, a notice (electronic or manual) shall be given to the subscriber not less than fifteen days before the deactivation of the UID.

A subscriber will be required to renew their UID in case it is de-activated, or two years’ time period has lapsed after its issuance, in the same manner as a new subscriber applies for UID. The renewal of subscription will be the performed as a fresh process, which will include payment of subscription fee and biometric verification. The Subscriber will be notified through automated notifications to his registered email ID and mobile number via email and SMS, respectively. Once the subscriber has a valid and active UID they will be entitled to avail all the privileges made available for the purposes, in the Subscription Module of the PSW.

If a user is unable to perform biometric verification due to loss of elasticity, fading, wear-off, old age, or any other medical reason, a link will be provided in the biometric verification email sent by PSW. User shall click on the provided link and submit an undertaking. Upon submission of undertaking, System shall generate an email with Universal ID (UID) for creation of password and Subscription process will be completed. However, user will be notified to appear before AC/DC User ID of the Collectorate of Jurisdiction to complete the process of physical verification.

If a user opts for physical verification, he/she has to submit an undertaking provided in the email for biometric verification sent by PSW. User should create password and login PSW to register as trader/customs agent with Customs. After registration, an email will be sent to the user to appear before AC/DC User ID . After verification, user will be notified that verification is completed and he/she can perform all cross-border trade related activities.

No, a user will not be able to file a Trade Declaration without completing the process of physical verification.

User will be required to appear before AC/DC User ID of the Collectorate of Jurisdiction (as per the selected City at the time of registration). The name of the Collectorate will also be provided to the user through email.

User should have original and valid CNIC and Authority letter (in case company has multiple directors).

In case of any additional requirement, the FSC&RD officer will raise the request through the 'Call Document' functionality of the system. You will be notified through system-generated notification. You can share /upload the requirement/ document online.