Animal Quarantine Department


The PSW aims to facilitate the trader/customs agent with online applications for Import Permit/Export Certificate by the AQD. Now the trader/customs can electronically perform document calling, inspection calling, approval/rejection of Export Certificate, and Release Order requests. The Export Certificate request will be generated by the system at the time of submission of the export Single Declaration (SD). Whereas the Release Order request will be automatically generated upon filing an Imports Single Declaration. There will be no AQD office visits and manual submission of applications for the issuance of regulatory approvals. The processing of the application will be done online, where you can have clear visibility of the action being performed.

Benefits Of Processing Online Applications with AQD LPCO Module

The Processing Online Applications with AQD LPCO Module offers many Benefits to the stakeholders of cross-border trade such as:

Electronic processing of certificates

It caters to all the needs of AQD related to processing Export Certificate(s) and Release Orders.

Online & comprehensive log of activities

A complete and comprehensive log of the activities on the trader’s online request for Export Certificate and Release Orders will be visible to the trader/custom agent in the system.

Facilitates compliance with trade regulations

Facilitates compliance with trade regulations through the system relying on HS code/Product Code-based description and purpose of import selection.

Efficient clearance of consignments

Allows efficient clearance of consignments from the port through automation of the processing of LPCO.

Digital transactions

Digital transactions through online payments of LPCO fees thus saving time and costs and promoting digital transactions.

Clarity and precision in determining LPCOs

Clarity and precision in determining LPCO requirements on items being imported or exported through the ITMS-based product codes.

Step-By-Step Process for Export Certificates & Import Release Orders

The Processing Online Applications with AQD LPCO Module offers many Benefits to the stakeholders of cross-border trade such as:

Go to PSW Portal > Login - Enter your login credentials

Go To User Dashboard > Traders/Custom Agents > Export Certificate - In the user-dashboard click on the ‘LPCO’ option. Click on the ‘Export Certificate’ button to view existing/ desired export certificate requests which are under process.

Upload Called Documents - To Upload system-required documents, click on the ‘Documents Called’ tab, where you will click on ‘Upload Document’. After doing so, a notification for Approval/Rejection of Export Certificate will pop up.

View & Print Export Certificate - A notification will appear in your inbox notifying you about export certificate approval. Click on the ‘Print’ button to print Export Certificate in AQD prescribed certificate. (In case of rejection, you can click on the ‘View export certificate’ button then rejected export certificate will open where you can view officer remarks & can amend the SD).

Export Certificate Amendment - To amend a submitted Single Declaration, click on the Amend icon under the “Action” tab. After the amendment, a notification will appear in your inbox notifying you about amendment export certificate approval where you can Print the document.

Step-By-Step Guide to Import Release Order

Here are the steps for automatic request generation of RO

Go To PSW Portal and Enter your login credentials. test

Navigate to the Single Declaration tab from the Dashboard after logging in.

Fill in the necessary details and upload documents where needed.

Submit the SD.

A Release Order request will be generated in parallel with a PSID against the submitted SD.

Make payment using the PSID.

After successful payment, the release order request will be assigned to a Quarantine officer. The Quarantine officer can Call a Document or Call Inspection against a request assigned. Upload the documents (required).

The Quarantine officer will enter/update consignment information and add their remarks.

You can view & print the Provisional Release Order (Provisional RO in AQD prescribed format) by opening the notification and clicking the ‘View Release Order’ option. (User will be notified via the system in case of rejection of release order. You can click on the ‘View Release order’ option to view any remarks (if) added by the quarantine officer).


No, you do not need to visit the AQD (Animal Quarantine Department) office. You just need to access PSW (Pakistan Single Window) portal.

You can request LPCO service online through PSW.

  • The trader /custom agent must be registered with PSW.
  • The trader/custom agent must have associated their bank profile with their business profile in PSW.

  • There is a real-time exchange of information/ documents with AQD through PSW system.
  • This would be dependent on application processing at AQD provided all requisite formalities are fulfilled.

  • Log in to the PSW Portal
  • Click on Single Declaration Tab.
  • Now go to Exports tab, choose Create Declaration.
  • Fill all the relevant information in the following fields:
  • Consignment Information
  • Financial information
  • Commodity information
  • Upload Documents (If required).
  • A unique PSID will be generated and upon successful payment, your request will be proceeded.

After submitting your request for required service, the system will generate PAYMENT SLIP ID (PSID no), you can make the payment online.

There is a checklist of required (mandatory) documents, you can download them from PSW system.

In case of any additional requirement, AQD officer will raise the request through 'Call Document' functionality of the system. You will be notified through system generated notification. You can share /upload the requirement/ document online.

Only authorized users can view their information. PSW ensures the confidentiality of their user's data.

Every activity / process will be logged in to the PSW system. The trader/ clearing agent and others will have a clear visibility of the action performed by AQD at each step.

Yes, the applicant will be notified about rejection of the application through the system.

Click on 'LPCO' tab, a new screen will be prompt up. Now click on 'Export Certificate' button to view the existing export certificate requests.

Export Certificate is a system generated document which does not require signature. However, the document is Quick Response (QR) code enabled and can be validated/ verified online by the respective authority.