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Pakistan was mandated to establish a Trade Information Portal under Article X of General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT) Commitment to Transparency. The portal was launched in line with the nation’s commitment to implement the TIPP by 31 March 2022 under Article 1.2 of WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA).


The portal, found at provides a single access point for all cross-border trade-related information. Over 530 laws, regulations, procedures, and other trade-related measures from over 77 government agencies have been completely digitized and can now be accessed online. Businesses can also access and download licenses, permits, certificates, and other documents from the portal and get complete information on applicable fees, processing times, and step-by-step procedures. The portal also provides guidance to overseas Pakistanis and foreign investors on various trade-related rules and regulations.

With the launch of TIPP, PSW hopes that Pakistan’s business community will have a useful tool to find the information necessary to facilitate their import-export activities. PSW is committed to closely coordinating with the public and private sectors as well as international organizations to ensure the sustainability of the portal. The core features of this portal include digitized customs tariffs and trade statistics with the latest and current data on 9.2 million transactions. Moreover, it is available in both English and Urdu languages.


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Import/Export Regulatory Measures


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Procedures for regulatory measures


Unique Commodity Codes


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Tradeverse offers guided journeys for visitors through its user-friendly interface available both in English and Urdu.

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