The PSW Story

As part of its trade facilitation and regional connectivity agenda, Pakistan is committed to reforming, modernising, upgrading, and automating its system to match the on-going investments in its infrastructure for cross-border trade. Moreover, Pakistan has ratified the WTO’s Agreement on Trade Facilitation on 27th October, 2015 and as such under its Article 10.4 committed to the establishment of a trade related National Single Window (NSW) as a ‘Category C’ commitment with an implementation timeline of five years with effect from 22nd February, 2017.

About PSW

The Pakistan Single Window (PSW) - a digital trade platform was launched to transform the trading landscape of Pakistan. It is a public sector company incorporated under Section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017 and has been notified as the ‘Operating Entity’ of the PSW system by the Federal Government under the provisions of the PSW Act 2021.

The Prime Minister’s Office designated Pakistan Customs in FBR as the Lead Agency in October, 2017 for the implementation of an ICT based trade related NSW. This decision is based on the fact that in majority of countries their Customs Administrations are leading the NSW implementation due to their central role in cross border trade regulation. Moreover, Pakistan Customs has successfully demonstrated its capability by implementing indigenously designed automation-based trade facilitation initiatives like Web Based One Customs (WeBOC) which provides paperless processing for 90% of cross border trade.


Using technology and innovative solutions to enable ease in achieving effective compliance with national regulations, especially for cross-border trade and related services.


To establish a single electronic platform to efficiently meet requirements for regulating imports, exports, and transit trade while supporting simplifying, harmonizing, and digitizing trade processes.


We are transparent, respectful and accountable to ourselves and others, conducting our operations with integrity for the community and our partners.


We believe in inventive thinking to build a more agile organization that, in turn, affects transformative change in the trade community and the world.


We are committed to creative, flexible, and generous ways of building bridges, working together, and communicating openly.

Benefits of PSW

Transparent trade transactions

Reduced trading costs and delays

Hassle-free banking operations for trade

Ease of doing business for women traders

Integrated declaration and automated routing

Boosting exports and Foreign Direct Investment

Real-time data exchange via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Connecting government departments for paperless processing


Our People

Our firm has over 200 employees, more than half of whom are skilled IT experts focused on developing automated trade procedures and operations to bring digital transformation to the trade industry of Pakistan.

Our people know how you work and what you need from us to run your trading workflows seamlessly. We understand what is required to trade intelligently and efficiently, so our experience in trade, customs, administration, compliance, communication, and technology runs deep. We aim to stand out in digitization, innovation, transformation, and collaboration.

Our Technology

We are focused on incorporating innovative technology in the PSW system to digitize and streamline procedures and operations in the trading lifecycle. We have re-engineered trading protocols in the best way possible and offer synchronized electronic execution to make the trading experience user-friendly.

Since 2017, we have expanded our platform to support the traders and stakeholders of cross-border trade in Pakistan and across international borders. PSW stands out internationally in the global trading landscape because of our ongoing commitment to the World Trade Organization (WTO) to build a better global market with trade facilitation across borders.

Our Future

The Business and Trading Community of Pakistan relies on PSW to drive digital transformation in trade through flexible trading architecture. We have market specialists, trading statistics, and access to technology to effect changes that transform the global supply chain nationally and internationally.

Under the umbrella of PSW, we aim to digitize the Port Community System (PCS) and Airport Community System (ACS) to revolutionize the whole cross-border trading system to boost the economy of Pakistan and empower people. PSW envisions bringing evolution in trade and striving to shape tomorrow’s markets.

CEO's Message

Welcome to the PSW Website

PSW is a truly transformative initiative by the Government of Pakistan that aims to digitalize cross-border trade by leveraging modern technology. Once completed, it will connect 77 government departments, customs, commercial banks, and several other public and private sector entities on a single electronic platform for Customs and regulatory clearances and for providing cross-border trade-related value-added services. I am immensely proud of what we have been able to achieve in a short time within limited resources. As a company, we aspire to become the hub of innovative ideas and products that allows Pakistan traders to connect to the international supply chain and enhance Pakistan’s trade competitiveness, especially in exports.

As PSW evolves, we constantly update and streamline our internal processes. There are exciting and challenging times ahead as we expand our services, integrate with more departments, and push forward with transformational initiatives to enhance Pakistan’s trade competitiveness. However, with success comes higher expectations, and with expectations come the urgency to deliver. I am confident that, collectively, we shall be able to fulfill those expectations and achieve our aspiration of becoming the leading public sector entity in Trade Tech.

We look forward to revolutionizing the trade industry in Pakistan.