Khadijah - Women Entrepreneurship Program

PSW has launched ‘Khadijah – The Women Entrepreneurship Program’ to enhance women’s economic empowerment and promote gender equality. The program aims to establish a reliable and sustainable mechanism for training and enhancing the capabilities of women, enabling them to engage in cross-border trade actively.

Program Benefits:

  • Enhance the capacity of women in business and cross-border trade
  • Support women’s entrepreneurship development
  • Motivate women to join the international trade-related workforce and professions
  • Understand the difficulties women face as entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Address the challenges for capital-raising within the international trade ecosystem
  • Facilitate women entrepreneurs and traders to network, gain mentors and receive advice on their ideas, products, and cross-border trade

This program serves the purpose of transferring knowledge and information to women entrepreneurs and equipping them with the requisite know-how, skills, and expertise, which enables them to upscale their existing businesses for an export market and sustain and grow them over time. Also, it covers training on the whole business and trading cycle, including technical and financial inclusion, technical capacity building, information about trade-related regulatory bodies, and social media marketing initiatives for uplifting women-led businesses.

Women entrepreneurs share their experience of how PSW has been instrumental in helping them scale their businesses to meet the challenges of cross-border trade.

Contact Person: Tahleel Mumtaz    Email: [email protected]    Phone: 051-9245605 

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Success Stories

Meet some of the women entrepreneurs who benefited from the Khadijah – The Women Entrepreneurship Program.