Change Management

Capacity-building and stakeholder training initiatives are at the core of PSW’s strategy. To serve this purpose, PSW has designed a well-thought-out Change Management Plan focused on connecting with stakeholders to help them in the optimal use of the PSW system through nationwide seminars, webinars, and engagement sessions. 

Upcoming Training Sessions - Tentative Schedule

Fostering A Network of Women Traders

We are building a network of women businesswomen and traders inclined to be a part of global supply chains. Under the umbrella of this network, we provide women with practical knowledge through training and workshops to enhance their leadership capabilities and empower them with the necessary tools and skills to participate in entrepreneurship and international trade. PSW is paving the way for women in business and cross-border trade by helping them transact with minimal cost and without intermediaries. PSW hosts a variety of sessions nationwide to support and help women so that they can contribute to the economy of Pakistan and eventually towards women's empowerment. Khadijah – The Women Entrepreneurship Program equips women entrepreneurs with the requisite know-how, skills, and expertise to help them scale their businesses to meet the challenges of cross-border trade. 

PSW Training Partnership Program

PSW is offering a unique opportunity for organizations with relevant experience to partner with us and support the training and capacity building of the various stakeholders associated with Pakistan’s cross-border trade. A truly transformative initiative that digitizes cross-border trade, we are transforming the trading landscape of Pakistan by reengineering, automating, and integrating cross-border trade-related procedures of Customs and other government agencies (OGAs) making trade faster, easier, and cheaper.

As a PSW Partner, you will have the opportunity to offer your services to our client base of over 75000 traders and businesses and earn on a revenue-sharing basis. 

Partnership benefits:

  • Access to PSW’s vast client base of traders, associated businesses, and service providers in international trade for PSW-endorsed training and capacity-building sessions
  • Collaboration opportunities with the PSW team to develop and deliver new knowledge products to better serve our clients
  • Expansion of your reach and generation of new business
  • Promotion of your services to our large subscriber base through our newsletter and social media channels
  • Opportunities to participate in PSW’s dedicated in-house training and change management sessions on new services, features, and module