PSW Excellence

PSW is on a mission to revolutionize trade processes, employing a multifaceted approach that includes state-of-the-art IT governance, meticulous data management, and streamlined financial and corporate governance. Through proactive performance management and collaborative change initiatives, we drive efficiency and trust among stakeholders and are transitioning to a digital, cost-effective trade era.


Service Excellence

PSW is committed to delivering value to our community by continuously evaluating and improving our product and service quality offered to our users. PSW’s strategy for achieving organizational excellence encompasses several approaches. On the system side, we are working towards improving IT governance, data governance and management, information security and integrity, etc. On the processes side, we have undertaken several measures to streamline and automate internal processes and embrace international best practices.

The PSW Trader Support Centre provides 24/7 support to PSW users with regular performance monitoring through key performance indicators, user feedback, and daily reports. A dedicated women’s helpline is also available at the PSW Trader Support Centre Helpdesk 021-111-111-779 email: [email protected]. A separate change management component targeting various stakeholder groups supported by a robust communication unit to facilitate internal and external communications is helping foster a culture of coordination, collaboration, and cooperation based on mutual trust and respect.



Organizational Excellence

As the PSW system evolves and matures, we are putting in place a performance management system to constantly measure, analyze, and evaluate the system using a sound methodology. The performance management system will help PSW identify processes and components of service delivery that need continuous improvement. The business and trading community of Pakistan as well as the public sector organizations regulating cross-border trade are increasingly relying on PSW to drive digital transformation in trade through flexible trading architecture. Leveraging market specialists, trading statistics, and cutting-edge technology, we drive impactful changes that reshape national and global supply chains. Our comprehensive approach aims to digitize the Port Community System (PCS) and Airport Community System (ACS), ushering in a new era of cross-border trade efficiency, boosting Pakistan's economy, and empowering communities. With a focus on robust data analytics, we're shaping public policy using data as a cornerstone. PSW envisions a transformative evolution in trade, shaping the markets of tomorrow.