PSW is streamlining clearance operations through digitalization & integration.

Muhammad Aamir is the CEO of Crystal Agencies, a Freight Forwarding Services provider based in Karachi. He is also the former General Secretary of the Karachi Customs Agents Association. Mr. Aamir highlights how the PSW system has streamlined clearance operations through digitalization and integration with Other Government Agencies (OGAs), while also creating a digitalized, paperless experience.

How PSW is facilitating a business involved in the trade of raw materials?

Mr. Zohaib Nanda, CFO of Karachi Grains, has found the Pakistan Single Window system beneficial and effective for his business. Let's hear his thoughts about the PSW system and how it can benefit other businesses & SMEs.

How has PSW System Facilitated the Import Operations of Excel Chemicals?

Mr. Abdul Moin, the Import Officer at Excel Chemicals, highlights the advantageous impact of the PSW system on his import operations. Based in Karachi, the prominent industrial hub of Pakistan, Excel Chemicals enjoys significant benefits from the PSW system, including enhanced efficiency and convenience. The PSW system has brought in an easy-to-use interface designed considering all the users' needs.

How the PSW initiative is streamlining Import/Export Operations?

Talha Bin Wahid, Sales Engineer - Qtech, outlines how the PSW System has helped Qtech's import/export business streamline their operations, paving the way for greater efficiency & cost saving. He further sheds light on how the PSW System will help build a streamlined trade ecosystem.

How the PSW Initiative Will Help Pakistan Realize its Trade Potential?

Junaid ur Rehman, Managing Committee Member - KCCI, outlines how the PSW Initiative has fulfilled the long-held demand of the business community for a one-window operation. PSW's digitization drive will facilitate Ease of Doing Business, helping establish a global connection with Pakistan's trading partners. The Trade Information Portal provides useful data for businesses in helping make informed decisions for their trade-related businesses going forward.

How has PSW System facilitated the implementation of the paperless trade mechanism?

FutureTek Incorporation, a well-known Islamabad-based Pakistani company specializing in IT Enterprise Solutions, is one of the early adopters of the PSW system. By leveraging the system, the company has witnessed the benefits of streamlined cross-border trade, particularly in its import operations. Mr. Owais Khan, the Managing Director of FutureTek, expresses how PSW has facilitated its business operations.

How has Pakistan Single Window (PSW) revolutionized business for traders?

Haji Khurshid & Company is into exports and imports since 90's. In this video, Mr. Raza, Director of Haji Khurshid & Company discusses how trade is now different for businessmen in Pakistan since the Pakistan Single Window system implementation. He has also shed light on the benefits of the PSW system for SMEs and Large Enterprises.

How does the PSW system help mango exporters?

Rishad Mateen & Company exports fruits & vegetables globally from Pakistan. Shazia Mateen, Director of Rishad Mateen & Company shares her experience with the PSW system. She has also highlighted the previous trading environment and its shortcomings for the traders. Watch to learn more about the facilities PSW is providing for the business community of Pakistan.

How has PSW system impacted business operations?

Mr. Munam Zaheer, the finance head at Saltech Smart Power Limited, a company renowned for its expertise in developing cutting-edge equipment for the power sector, highlights the advantageous impact of the PSW system on his business operations. Based in Karachi, the prominent industrial hub of Pakistan, Saltech Smart Power Limited enjoys significant benefits from the PSW system, including enhanced efficiency and convenience.

How is PSW promoting e-commerce in Pakistan?

It was an honor to have Mr. Hafiz Tahir Khalil, Bureau Chief, The Daily Jang, at the Pakistan Single Window Media Dialogue and take into account his valuable opinion and thoughts about the Pakistan Single Window initiative. Mr. Hafiz Tahir Khalil is very certain that the PSW will reform the trade industry of Pakistan and portray a positive image of Pakistan in the world.

How is PSW beneficial for Media Representatives?

Not only the businessmen, but the Media Representatives can have access to the right information through the PSW website and the Trade Information Portal of Pakistan for their stories and news coverage. Meet Mr. Syed Qayyum Bukhari, Director North at GTV Network and hear his views about it.

How do the traders save costs and time using the PSW system?

Tata Best Foods has been exporting Meat from Pakistan for 14 years. Mr. Saqib Javed, Assistant Manager Exports at Tata Best Foods has integrated his internal system with PSW to enhance operational efficiency. Since the integration, Mr. Saqib has noticed some significant improvements in his work which has resulted in reducing cost and time for his business. Today, he is sharing his experience of using the PSW system with us. Let's hear him out!

How does PSW offer ease of doing business to Women Entrepreneurs?

Ms. Gulnar Shahzad, CEO Epilogue Furniture and Ms. Huma, CEO Keto Clan have small business setups in Pakistan. The founders are looking for an opportunity to take their business into the global market. However, there were many hurdles for them due to lack of authentic information.