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PSW Media Dialogue: Radio FM 100 Coverage

Pakistan Single Window (PSW) organized a Media Dialogue entitled 'Developing an Enabling Media Network Towards International Trade Facilitation'. The event was aimed at developing a mutual understanding of the PSW, its organizational structure, and role, as well as to benefit from the media experts’ advice on shaping the trade facilitation narrative in the public consciousness. In addition, the event helped forge and deepen the personal relationships and networks between PSW and the media. Over 50 renowned media heads, journalists, anchors, and reporters participated in the event to understand, plan, and develop a partnership to raise awareness of the public services PSW provides.

Pakistan rolls out ‘single window’ for ease of trade

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has rolled out the first phase of the Pakistan Single Window (PSW) for integrating different departments for facilitating imports and exports and reducing the cost of doing business in the country. The PSW integrates trade and transportation with different departments, in line with Pakistan’s commitment under Article 10.4 of the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). The departments include Pakistan Customs, Department of Plant Protection, Animal Quarantine Department, Federal Seed Certification & Registration Department, Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority, and the Export Development Fund. In addition, 29 commercial banks are already integrated with the PSW platform for the exchange of cross-border trade-related financial information in real-time.