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SMEDA to organize training on “Import/Export Documentation Procedures and PSW”

The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) will organize a one -day workshop on “Import Export Documentation Procedures and Pakistan Single Window (PSW)” for profitable business growth on 27 February

Navigating Through Storms: Pakistan's Economic Uncertainty and the ICT Sector's Bid for Stability

Initiatives like the Pakistan Single Window aim to digitalize and improve government infrastructure, facilitating trade and enhancing the capacity of the ICT sector. Such measures are essential not only for the sector's growth but for the broader objective of stabilizing and revitalizing the economy.

FABS (Financial Accounting & Budgeting System) Expert

REMIT has initiated a study to enhance the capabilities within key ministries and departments of GoP for robust tracking of climate change expenditures, gender-based budget planning, and disaster-related expenses.

Pakistan Customs Deploys Pre-Arrival Clearance Module

In a move aimed at fostering efficiency and enhancing trade facilitation, Pakistan Customs has successfully deployed the Pre-Arrival Clearance module in the Web-Based One Customs (WeBOC) and Pakistan Single Window (PSW) systems.

Trade strategies to turn a new leaf

Amidst ongoing political turmoil, the economic forecast for Pakistan looks challenging. The State Bank of Pakistan has reported a slowdown in the decline in inflation as sizeable adjustments in energy prices have been made in recent months. As businesses in Pakistan navigate these complexities of international trade, Pakistan Single Window (PSW) stands at the forefront of trade-related infrastructure, ensuring maximum participation of businesses in international trading activities. For policymakers, the task ahead is clear, i.e., to revive growth, reduce the inflation rate, and expand international trade relations.

PSW Integration with IPPC e-Phyto Hub: Empowering Traders to Prosper

In continuation of its ongoing integration with the E-Phyto Hub, Pakistan Single Window (PSW) has commenced receiving electronic phytosanitary certificate (e-Phyto) on imports of agricultural goods and commodities.

Shamshad underscores need for continued reforms, revenue enhancement

Speaking at Pakistan’s International Customs Day event, caretaker Finance Minister Dr Shamshad Akhtar emphasized the need for continued reforms and revenue enhancement efforts by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR

Pakistan Customs engaging other partners

Pakistan Customs has played a pivotal role in developing a sustainable economy. Besides automation and bringing all the stakeholders under one roof by implementing PSW, supporting the WCO’s concept of facilitating the global transition to green trade and reducing its environmental footprint, the establishment of the NTS and the creation of more Directorates and Enforcement Collectorates are also steps towards collaborative governance.

World Custom Day 2024

On International Customs Day, let's applaud the unwavering commitment of our customs officials. We acknowledge the critical role customs officials play in keeping the wheels of international commerce turning smoothly.

Introduction of PSW helpline service in Russian language

PSW has crossed an important milestone in strengthening the Pakistani economy. While promoting facilities in international trade, PSW has launched a special helpline service in the Russian language, through which the businessmen of Central Asian countries can gain an advantage in international trade.