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Customs’ Digitalization Programme

Sania Rasool, Deputy Collector at the Pakistan Customs, highlights that the Customs Department is adopting the electronic systems that are expected to effectively address the cross-border trade challenges. Underscoring the necessity of single window operations, she pointed toward the establishment of Pakistan Single Window (PSW) which was designed to offer seamless trade opportunities for all the relevant stakeholders.

PSW launches Russian language helpline

In a strategic move towards advancing international trade facilitation, Pakistan Single Window (PSW) has launched a dedicated Russian language helpline to benefit transit trade with Central Asia.

PSW launches helpline

On Wednesday, Pakistan Single Window (PSW) launched a dedicated Russian language helpline to benefit international transit trade with Central Asia. The helpline service aims to address a language barrier faced by traders from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, who use Pakistani ports as transit routes for their imports and exports with Central Asia.

PSW introduces Russian language dedicated helpline to facilitate Central Asian trade

Pakistan Single Window (PSW) has launched Russian language helpline to benefit international transit trade with Central Asia, addressing a crucial language bar­rier faced by traders particularly from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan using Paki­stani ports as transit routes for imports/exports with Central Asia.

Navigating trade in the new year

In 2023, inflation soared, reaching nearly 30%, making everyday living more challenging in Pakistan. Our economy experienced a mild contraction by 0.5%, a sober reminder of the tough road we've had to tread. Yet, amid these hardships, our current account deficit saw a remarkable improvement, contracting from $17.5 billion to just $2.2 billion. The necessary reduction in imports played a key role in slowing down our economy and contributed to the surge in inflation rates.

Single window solution for Pakistan

To overcome the challenges faced by Pakistan in international trade, the government of Pakistan introduced the PSW initiative in 2017, led by Pakistan Customs. It is a unified platform where all trade parties submit information through a single-entry point. It harmonizes customs and regulatory processes, bringing efficiency to stakeholders like government bodies, traders, port operators, ground handling agents, freight forwarders, transporters, and shipping agents.

Licenses and Registrations of pharmaceutics were granted to PSW

The Pakistan Single Window, in collaboration with the Drug Regulatory Authority, has established PSW for all existing entities, their licenses and registrations to improve ease of doing business, transparency, and efficiency of pharmaceuticals, importers, health organizations, and drug import support organizations. has been integrated into the platform.

Cross-border goods via PSW: FBR directs govt depts to apply new ‘IRMS’

FBR has mandated the implementation of IRMS for cross-border trade consignments cleared through the PSW system. The new system applies to government departments handling trade controls on imports, exports, and transit goods. It aims to balance compliance and trade facilitation, reducing business time and costs. The Governing Council will form an inter-agency Risk Management Committee to oversee the IRMS, ensuring collaboration among government bodies and assessing its impact on compliance.

Khadija The Women Entrepreneurship Program to empower women

PSW successfully conducted the Khadija The Women Entrepreneurship Program in Lahore to empower women in international trade. The program was officially launched on 15 December 2022 in Karachi, with the aim of increasing women's participation in international trade through the PSW platform.

Khadija Women Entrepreneurship Programme earns praise

PSW earned praise for its Khadijah Women Entrepreneurship Program held in Lahore. FBR Member Customs (Operations) Zeba Hai Azhar commended PSW's efforts to empower women entrepreneurs, highlighting the program's aim to train and enhance capabilities for active participation in cross-border trade. The CEO of PSW, Syed Aftab Haider, emphasized the initiative's significance in encouraging more women entrepreneurs to engage in international trade and expand their market reach.